Image of Samm Smeltzer, DMQ

Samm Smeltzer, DMQ

I’m Samm Smeltzer, an HR leader and dedicated Medical Qigong Therapist. In April 2024, I achieved my Doctoral certification in Medical Qigong at the 3 Treasures School under Lisa VanOstrand’s guidance. Over the past decade, my passion has been to explore the intersection of Spirituality, Eastern Medicine, and personal wellness, fostering transformative healing experiences for individuals. As a practitioner, I specialize in addressing stress and burnout, guiding individuals toward balance and well-being through Qigong sessions on a healing table. While my heart lies in these one-on-one healing interactions, I’ve also extended my expertise to work with businesses, bringing a holistic approach to corporate wellness. My mission is to create spaces for both personal growth and well-being on an individual level and within organizational settings.