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Heather Seton

Heather was born and raised in Baltimore, MD, and has been living and working in South Central Pennsylvania for the last 20 years, primarily in the realm of Human Services. After receiving her BA in Clinical Psychology from Towson University, and working with trauma survivors for years, Heather began the study of Massage Therapy in order to balance her saturation with the harm of touch in her work with survivors with the healing power of touch found in Massage Therapy. Heather practiced both professions for some time, but as with most of us, life has plans other than our own. After nearly 30 years of working with survivors, Heather has fully transitioned back to the practice of massage. This didn’t happen overnight. Along the way, Heather began to explore yoga and energy healing as well. Today she comes to the HRart Center as a Reiki Master Teacher, a Licensed Massage Therapist (PA License #: MSG015251), and a Registered Yoga Teacher 200 along with her vast experience as a non-profit leader and victim services provider.